May 11, 2021

Corona virus has prompted both men and women to do more housework

Corona virus has prompted both men and women to do more housework — and nobody’s happy about it, new data shows

The gender gap between men and women has narrowed during the corona virus crisis — but not in a good way, with both genders now more unhappy with their domestic workload.

The preliminary results of a University of Melbourne survey show a big jump in dissatisfaction about domestic work, and also that both sexes think they are doing more than their fair share.

Lyndsay Freeman, who has a one-year-old and a three-year-old and works and studies full time for the Australian Army in Canberra, says she has done increased household work while working from home.

“I think that COVID has just exacerbated the gender stereotypes that we still see in society, where a woman’s time — whether in the home or at work — is valued less,” she said.

“It was expected more for me to take up more of the domestic duties, whereas maybe my husband’s time is seen as more valuable, so when he’s at work he’s only at work.”

University of Melbourne professor in sociology and social policy Lyn Craig said men and women had been “sharing the misery” while in isolation during the crisis.

“The gender gap [in child care] narrowed, and also the gender gap in satisfaction narrowed, so more men had a taste of the experience that women have had,” she said.

But perhaps it will change something.

“If more people see that [taking on the burden of domestic work] is unsustainable and a bit miserable, maybe it will change,” Professor Craig said.

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Article posted by ABC NEWS